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Conference Co-chairs

Lars Hesselgren

Lars Hesselgren, Director of Research at PLP Architecture, is a researcher and academic in architecture and urbanism. His research focuses on the technologies, such as mathematics, that underpin design in the built environment … more

Karl-Gunnar Olsson

Karl-Gunnar Olsson is Professor of Architecture and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, and Head of the dual degree of Architecture and Engineering program. His research profile … more

Scientific Co-chairs

Axel Killian

Axel Kilian’s research focus is on embodied computation and architectural robotics. He is an Assistant Professor at the Princeton University School of Architecture… more

Samar Malek

Samar Malek is an Assistant Professor at the United States Naval Academy in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She is a structural engineer with an expertise in structural and computational mechanics, and gridshells… more

Olga Sorkine-Hornung

Olga Sorkine-Hornung is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, where she leads the Interactive Geometry Lab and is currently the head of the Institute of Visual Computing… more

Chris Williams

Chris Williams is an Artistic Professor at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University. Chris joined Ted Happold’s group at Arup in 1972 where he worked on Frei Otto’s Multihalle gridshells in Mannheim… more

Workshop chair

Jonas Runberger

Jonas Runberger is an architect active in practice, research and education, with a focus on the relation between computational design techniques, fabrication and experiential effect… more


Erica Hörteborn (Henrysson)

Webpage coordination
Erica Hörteborn is a civil engineer and architect. Since fall 2016 she is a PhD student at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, at Chalmers, and is a part of the Architecture and Engineering Research Group… more

Toni Kotnik

Paper submission
Toni Kotnik is Professor of Design of Structures at Aalto University in Helsinki. He studied architecture and mathematics and his research is focused on integrative design methods at the intersection of architecture and engineering…. more